Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Co-reps for Michigan

My name is Laurie Ceesay and I along with Anne Hiemstra are the new SAQA Michigan Reps.

Robbie Payne and Mary Andrews have finished their "tour of duty" and fulfilled their time as the Michigan Co-Reps for SAQA. We will be posting on the MI blog and managing what needs to be done for the MI area of SAQA. Anne and I will take monthly turns with postings-I have August  and Anne has September. I see there are 60ish members and only about a 1/4-1/3 of the members follow this blog. Are some members not signing up and pop in now and then? If you know members that are not followers could you recommend this blog to them? I am a bit competitive since I noticed the WI/IL blog has lots of followers-we can do better than them!!!

I have lived in  Michigan 4+ yrs. after living in Appleton, Wi forever. I live in Menominee, in the UP, and am not real familiar with the state and I have never been to Lower MI so learning all the cities the members live in will be a learning experience. I joined SAQA two yrs. ago and chose to take on this position to get more involved in this group which is so informative and has awesome opportunities. Are there any other members from the UP?

A few of my goals is to post upcoming call to entries, acknowledge members and their accomplishments, possibliy have a MI art quilt challenge and/or a mini seminar. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated!!

I have included a photo of myself so you know who I am.
Thank you, Laurie Ceesay, MI Co-Rep


  1. Best to you and Anne! I know you'll both do a great job as reps for SAQA Michigan!! We've enjoyed the 'ride' and look forward to lots of new ideas you both will have for us!!

  2. Thank you to you and Anne for carrying on SAQA Michigan! Looking
    forward to the new challenge!
    Donna Hamilton