Saturday, June 30, 2012

SAQA national survey - inquring minds want to know!

Hello fellow artists, Lynn here again. I just wanted to take a second of your time to ask you if you've done the SAQA national survey yet? (Not the Michigan one I emailed you all about, this is the big survey.)

The SAQA Board set up an extensive survey wanting to know what you like - what do you think is working? What would you like to see improved? What big ideas do you have that you'd love to see them add to the organization?

I get it, its easy to say "I'll do this later" and then just sort of let it slip between the cracks. But here's the thing - they really mean it when they say they want to know what you think. They want to make SAQA as good as it can be - which means serving the needs of all of us.

The survey takes a few minutes but when I was going through it, I realized there are a lot of things in SAQA that I don't take good advantage of. And that there are things that I'd like to see changed or added. It felt good to give my opinion and to know that they will read it and take it into consideration.

So please, take a few minutes and do the survey. Help make SAQA be the best it can be!

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